Bob Little Press & PR is a specialist business-to-business public relations consultancy which tells the truth as you would want it told.

Bob LittleBob Little

When someone knows a 'positive' story about you, they're predisposed to like you. You may even get their business.

With your help, we craft your story carefully - with all the art of an experienced storyteller - and start telling it to your employees, the media, potential clients and, generally, to the world. 

As a specialist in providing business-to-business public relations (PR) services, we are committed to:

  • Providing a personal service to our clients, taking time to understand each client's specific business goals and strategy - while also bearing in mind that the most successful PR people don't try to solve their client's problems. They try to help editors solve their readers' problems.
  • Ensuring that our clients' messages are presented in the most effective way through the most effective and cost efficient channels. You might say that 'we tell the truth as you would want it told'.

Our approach is based on the two - or is it three? - core values of:

  • Quality and Service Excellence - understanding our clients' business drivers and requirements; delivering results; managing issues and communicating clearly and regularly - while being easy to do business with and enjoyable to work with.
  • Integrity - being open, honest and fair in all of our dealings, and applying our professional expertise to ensure an appropriate response to help you achieve what you need.