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    • Digital learning on the march: Brightwave report - Digital Transformation and Colleague Experience

      Brightwave Group | Brighton, UK |

      Learning and development leaders from top customer service-focused brands joined Brightwave Group MD Jonathan Archibald to launch a new report exploring the impact of digital transformation on the customer experience – and the colleague experience – in 2017. The exclusive report, Role of Digital: Customer Service, compiling the results of a qualitative research exercise commissioned by Brightwave from engagement strategists LearnerLab, goes into the stories behind the stats to make a picture of what digital transformation looks like in the development of customer service skills and knowledge.

    • Capturing and sharing company know-how

      Towards Maturity | London, UK |

      New research shows that knowledge sharing can provide significant business benefits but people professionals need to do more to support change.

    • Number of unpaid hours worked dropped significantly in 2016

      Blue Eskimo | Stoke Prior, United Kingdom |

      According to Blue Eskimo's 2016 work and salary survey, the number of people in the learning sector who worked unpaid hours dropped by around twenty percentage points last year.

    • New research reveals the realities of digital learning in 2017

      Fosway | Cirencester, UK |

      Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR and learning analyst, reveals the realities of digital learning in organisations today with insights from over 1000 learning and development professionals. These are interim results of Fosway’s ongoing digital learning realities research, conducted in partnership with Europe’s leading workplace learning event – Learning Technologies, and its supporting community, the Learning and Skills Group. The headline results were unveiled in the opening address at the Learning Technologies conference in London.

    • Pay and benefits improved in 2017, says survey

      Blue Eskimo | Stoke Prior, United Kingdom |

      According to a recent survey by leading recruitment provider Blue Eskimo, more learning professionals received a salary increase in 2017 than in almost a decade.

    • Bringing rigor to L&D decision making around the globe

      Towards Maturity | London, UK |

      Cegos, an international leader in training and development, joins Towards Maturity’s Ambassador Programme to support the provision of independent, global data to inform L&D thinking.

    • Mind Tools reveals the secret of how managers want to learn

      Mind Tools | London |

      Presenting the results of latest research with 1,000 managers in the U.K. and U.S., Mind Tools CEO James Manktelow and SVP, Commercial Development Ollie Craddock will reveal the key to engaging the modern-day manager at the Learning Technologies 2017 exhibition.

    • New research from Fosway Group and Learning Technologies opens to deliver unique European data

      Fosway | Cirencester, UK |

      What will digital learning do differently in 2017? New research opened today to get beyond the hype surrounding the next generation of learning technology and uncover what is working for organisations in practice. The Digital Learning: European Realities research is led by Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR and learning analyst, and Europe’s leading workplace learning event - Learning Technologies – and its supporting community – The Learning and Skills Group.

    • New research highlights the realities of transforming European HR in 2016

      Fosway | Cirencester, UK |

      Fosway Group, Europe’s #1 HR analyst, and HRN, the world’s largest corporate HR network, today release new joint research into the realities of HR across the corporate landscape of Europe. The data includes responses from over 500 senior HR professionals and will be unveiled at HR Tech World Congress in Paris.