Press releases from Upside Learning in 2017

Learning Tech-enabler, UpsideLMS, Adds a Human Touch to Father's Day

Upside Learning | 19 Jun 2017

UpsideLMS celebrates Father's Day 2017 by running a social media campaign showcasing its heroes - all fathers in the UpsideLMS team - and their children.

What's ahead for Workplace Learning in 2017? Quotes from L&D Experts

Upside Learning | 02 Jun 2017

UpsideLMS brings a compilation of some of the best workplace learning quotes for 2017 from L&D experts the world over in the form of a visually stunning presentation.

LinkedIn's Workplace Learning Report uncovers L&D Challenges for 2017

Upside Learning | 18 May 2017

As the L&D challenges listed by LinkedIn in its '2017 Workplace Learning Report' come to the fore, UpsideLMS gears up to help companies overcome and emerge victorious.

LMS for Employee Skills Management: UpsideLMS tells 'how' in its latest eBook

Upside Learning | 10 May 2017

UpsideLMS' new eBook released today is a comprehensive guide to managing Continuing Professional Development and Compliance Training of employees with an LMS.

UpsideLMS Adds Off-the-shelf Courses to its Solutions Portfolio

Upside Learning | 04 May 2017

UpsideLMS has partnered with leading providers of catalogue content, Cegos and Yoda Learning, to bring off-the-shelf courses to India.

OnTech Solutions and UpsideLMS team up in a Strategic Partnership

Upside Learning | 02 May 2017

OnTech Solutions, a company based in Panama, enters into a reseller partnership with UpsideLMS to bring the multi-award winning SaaS Learning Management System to the markets of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Future First Partners with UpsideLMS to bring the SaaS LMS to Sweden and EU

Upside Learning | 26 Apr 2017

Future First and UpsideLMS announce a strategic partnership for UpsideLMS, the SaaS Learning Management System.

Upside Learning makes it again to Training Industry’s Training Outsourcing Watch List

Upside Learning | 25 Apr 2017

Upside Learning gets featured in the Training Industry’s Training Outsourcing Watch List for the third time in a row.

UpsideLMS celebrates 'its people' on its 13th Anniversary

Upside Learning | 07 Apr 2017

UpsideLMS dedicates its 13-year journey, as the Best Value SaaS Learning Management System, to its 'awesome team, clients and partners'.

Greater Flexibility for Training Companies and SMBs with UpsideLMS' Pay-As-You-Go Pricing

Upside Learning | 05 Apr 2017

UpsideLMS has introduced a new pricing plan - 'Pay As You Go' - for its key target segment of SMBs and Training Companies, which empowers them to have more flexibility in their monthly pricing as per the 'active users' per month.

UpsideLMS' New Release Features Compliance Training and CPD

Upside Learning | 29 Mar 2017

Red Scout makes its Website a one-stop-'Training'-shop with UpsideLMS' APIs

Upside Learning | 28 Feb 2017

LMS Industry on a decline? UpsideLMS Answers

Upside Learning | 21 Feb 2017

'Become the 'rock star' of your business'; UpsideLMS tells Training Companies

Upside Learning | 31 Jan 2017

Launch of exclusive premieres of the Upside Learning Solutions Showcase

Upside Learning | 10 Jan 2017

Responsive authoring tools for elearning: Upside Learning eBook

Upside Learning | 05 Jan 2017