How Training Press Releases works

Training Press Releases contains specialized publicity tools

Customers have a secure login and post media announcements directly on our Web site. Once added, stories are displayed instantly online and indexed by search services. Media announcements are e-mailed automatically overnight to our database of thousands of opted-in users, people from across the learning industry who have registered to receive the news: analysts, bloggers, commentators, editors and journalists, event and conference organizers and learning professionals.

Training Press Releases contains specialized publicity tools!

Specialized PR tools

Training Press Releases is a powerful news distribution service. There are great tools for learning providers to use to really help you to get noticed. 

  • Manage your media profile all in one place: assigning company information and communications to your announcements
  • Send announcements to thousands of media and learning-industry professionals
  • Assign thought-leaders and experts to announcements to promote specialist knowledge and insights
  • Assign announcements to our news feeds for the world's most significant learning industry conferences and events
  • Include videos and news photographs in announcements to enhance impact and popularity
  • Automatically tweet announcements to your Twitter account
  • Schedule media announcements for a specific time/date
  • Select the world regions that your announcements will be distributed in

Training Press Releases is simple to use and a great way for learning providers to develop publicity.

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