How Training Press Releases benefits learning providers

Distribute press releases quickly and easily

Getting new stories to the right people in media is tough. You've got to compile and maintain a database of contacts, invest in multiple social networks and develop relationships with those key contacts relevant to your company: a tough task and it can feel out-of-reach and unattainable.

Now there's an easier way to do it.

Training Press Releases helps learning providers to reel-in the right people in the media...

Catch the media 

We take media announcements from learning providers and then take the hard work out of distributing them, by: 

  • Posting them on the Training Press Releases Web site
  • Automatically notifying relevant people in the media about new stories
  • Providing news and information services with easy-to-use RSS syndication
  • Structuring press release pages for search engine visibility and indexing by news services

Journalists, editors, commentators, analysts, on line publishers, event organizers, bloggers, forums and industry bodies throughout the world have registered to receive our news notifications. 

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