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Training Press Releases carries profiles about providers of learning products and services. To add your company profile page, use the form below. To stand the best chance of being included ensure that you send a proper company profile about your organisation, its learning-related products/services and markets. 

Minimum requirements

  • write it in the third person (submissions written in the first and second person are unlikely to be published)
  • keep it factual (detailed factual profiles stand a better chance of being included than short, promotional texts)
  • meet the minimum required word counts specified (we are unable to publish profiles that fall short of the minimum word counts)
  • proof read it (if the profile contains poor grammar or spelling mistakes, we'll be unable to publish it)

Tips: some things you could include

- products and services
- any unique technologies or processes
- target markets
- number employees and about the workforce
- countries active
- company background, development and important milestones
- current conditions: such as annual revenues, most active markets
- current strategy
- aims and vision
- executive contacts

Submissions are verified before being published; publication is at the discretion of Training Press Releases; Training Press Releases may edit submissions. We are unable to respond to every request for a listing - but we do review them all.

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