Fuse Universal is a technology company helping enterprise, education and public sector organisations revolutionise online learning, knowledge sharing and communication in the workplace.

Fuse Universal is regarded by leading analysts as a core leader in next-generation learning services. We partner with over 60 global organisations including Spotify, EY, Vodafone, IHG, AstraZeneca and Novartis to revolutionise learning experiences.

What makes Fuse unique? In a word, “engagement”. Our customers experience, on average, 50 times more engagement than any existing learning management system.

For organisations not looking to replace their existing LMS fully, Fuse can run in parallel or in front of a current platform. This methodology adds a whole host of new functionality including an advanced user interface, mobile, video & social learning and a rich content management system.

Our team of experts help guide and reskill your L&D personnel to ensure that the transition from traditional to next-generation learning is a seamless experience.

And the greatest benefit seen by Fuse clients is flexibility. The complete freedom to design a unique measurable learning experience where analytics are used to prove the value of L&D by depicting the correlation between learner engagement and business performance.