Towards Maturity supports those who are responsible for delivering effective learning in the workplace, at whatever stage of your journey.

Our best practice benchmarking activities have shown that organisations mature in the use of technology perform better in the areas of business impact, staff impact and increased takeup of e-learning.

Our aim is to help organisations grow and learn from the results of our formal benchmarking activity and to benchmark informally through our wide selection of case studies and employer stories.

This overview provides a summary of some of the best practices that influence success - the Towards Maturity Model focusses on 6 strands which collectively entwine to help improve learning technology innovation and impact in the work place. These 6 strands form the basis of our underlying benchmark process and are constantly reviewed and recallibrated with each benchmark study.

Under each strand, we have provided links to some examples of measurable activities that improve business impact of learning technologies at work. These links will take you to relevant case studies, research and updates in this area.

If you are brand new to e-learning, we also have tips for getting started.

Towards Maturity's Benchmarking Practice provides independent expert advice and support in the application of learning innovation to bring business transformation.

The Towards Maturity Ambassador Programme

Our aim as a not-for-profit organisation is to provide independent practical research in the application of learning innovation to support organisations looking to accelerate performance. We would like to thank Becta for making this possible by supporting the last two studies. Moving forward, we will be refreshing the Benchmark Survey on an annual basis thanks to the support of our Ambassadors from across the industry.

Our Ambassadors support the annual Benchmark Research and the identification and dissemination of good practice case studies. They work together as Ambassadors for change, identifying and improving good practice, raising awareness and driving the whole industry forward. Ambassadors sign up to and share Towards Maturity's vision and values:

  • Encouraging learning innovation that directly impacts results in the workplace
  • Building on, acknowledging and contributing to collective good practice
  • Supporting the learning and education of others
  • Building transparent, trusted and open relationships with those we work with
  • Encouraging excellence from within
  • Celebrating success

To find out more about our Ambassadors, visit: