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    • Coursecheck announces five-fold increase in the number of course reviews

      Coursecheck | London |

      With over 10,000 validated reviews now on, the company is noticing an increasing number of enquiries from training providers wanting to get more value from their customer feedback, from both quality control and marketing perspectives.

    • Games and learning: making learning irresistible

      Learning Technologies | London |

      How games inspire, enthral and engage - making learning irresistible and invaluable: Gamification+’s Pete Jenkins and PSA Peugeot’s Phillip Price at the Learning Technologies Conference, 1 and 2 February, London.

    • TellUs to showcase the latest in Interactive Video

      TellUs | London |

      TellUs is excited to show the great folk at Learning Technologies 2017 the latest in Interactive Video showing how William Hill, Boots and Steinhoff tackled real business issues with Interactive Video.

    • iConnect providing video technology solutions for learning and development

      IRIS Connect | Brighton, UK |

      At the upcoming Learning Technologies event in London Andy Newell of iConnect will demonstrate how the company that took education by storm is now solving common learning and development challenges for business, with their experiential video technology.

    • Virtual reality in learning and performance

      Learning Technologies | London |

      Virtual reality in learning experts, David Kelly and Helen Dudfield, are to bring the Learning Technologies Conference up to date on the explosion in virtual reality in the last twelve months and how the technology can be used for learning and performance.

    • Memory hacking: The science of learning in the 21st Century

      Learning Technologies | London |

      What is it that L&D professionals must know about how our minds works to ensure memories – and learning – stick?; International lecturer, scientist and author, Dr Julia Shaw to speak at the upcoming Learning Technologies Conference on 1 and 2 February in London.

    • Virtual reality in learning on Learning Now tv

      Learning Now tv | London |

      Virtual reality for learning: how to get started, the equipment needed and practical examples of how VR is being used in learning; plus a special LNTV report into learning at a unique UK charity.

    • Firms at risk as C-suite pays 'lip service' to digital transformation

      Avado Learning | London |

      Britain's biggest businesses risk being disrupted by the pace of technological change because their senior leaders are paying lip service to the need for digital transformation. That’s according to senior managers responsible for the learning and development (L&D) of staff at Britain's biggest firms – turnovers of £100m+.

    • Articulate Unveils Articulate 360

      Articulate | London |

      Comprehensive subscription service makes every aspect of multidevice course development simpler, faster, and less expensive.